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The first day of the future January 29, 2007

Posted by casualadventurer in Philosophical Perversion.

The question is: “How did we end up here?”.

This is probably the key to many real or imagined issues that we, as humans will face. The short answer is that you have randomly woven your way through life, making decisions with no, little, or a misguided concept of the consequences of your own actions, and thus you have arrived to a set of circumstances that you are undoubtedly in!

Interestingly, there is absolutely nothing we can do to change the past, but every single decision you make from this point will determine your future. Although an understanding of how we got to where we are will undoubtedly ensure that we have no one but ourselves to blame when we do the same dumb stuff that got us to where we are today.

Now many people in this world are lucky enough to have graduated beyond the circumstances where all of our decisions are centred around the acquisition of our next meal. If you are reading this, you probably exist in this category. So our new found freedom to acquire an easy meal has made our life easier right? Well unfortunately not. Now we have to worry about slaving our fingers to the bones and our minds to the point of insanity for a whole new range of important choices….. What will type of food will I eat? What will I wear? Should I get the leather upholstery? How can I be seen without suitable product labels? (And my favourite) Do these pants make my backside look fat?

Now let’s face it these are the issues that shape the lives of people every day!

So what is the cause of this new found stress?

Well quite simply the problem is setting goals!

That’s right! We spend so much of our time trying to meet some pre-determined standard or some impossible expectation that we end up spending most of our time achieving nothing of any signifigance.

So what is the solution…. Well naturally you should become a Casual Adventurer!

Forget about those goals! Instead just do the things you have to do today as well as you can! Don’t worry about what opportunities or choices you will have tomorrow. When they arrive, just make your decisions as well as you can and move on to the next challenge…….

Then one day you will look at your circumstance and say. “I can’t believe that I am here”.



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